About Us

Blackstorm Energy is changing the paradigm in the industries we serve, developing new ways to help customers drive operating efficiencies. Incorporated in 2020 and we are headquartered in Sharjah, UAE and serve markets around the world, with an established presence in, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, demonstrating our commitment to be a strong and reliable partner for our customers.



Sharjah, UAE



Customer Service Quality

Our Strength

We provide unique business solutions to our clients. Our strengths are our people and a network of trusted partners with whom we design and deliver solutions for Oil & Gas and Industrial applications. A significant part of our business involves providing a broad range of chemical solutions to our clients. For example, we aid with the selection of optimal chemical technologies, establish arrangements for the reliable just in time delivery of the services and provide support with the accurate application of drilling and production chemicals. Blackstorm strives to provide quality, value and technology-based solutions which our clients can depend upon.


Superior customer service quality remains a critical element of our mission and success. We seek to help our customers around the world solve tough challenges in ways other companies cannot. Our customers rely on us to help them drive efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and meet or exceed their goals.

We provide unique business solutions to our clients